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5 Awesome SWOT Analysis Templates (PowerPoint)

SWOT Analysis is a perfect way to know the current position of your business in the market in comparison with your competitors. Putting aside all the aspects in preparing a SWOT Analysis, the a flow chart presentation plays the key role to either convince managers to agree with your plan or to transfer your knowledge to your team members in order to follow your instructions perfectly with having an insight on the company position in the market. In this article, we provide the top five templates you can use for SWOT analysis presentation in front of your teammates or your managers.

Following, you can read about the features of each of these templates and you can easily decide, which template would be more profitable for your business.

1.This template goes straight to the four points of SWOT which is perfect to be presented for the marketing team. They know their job, company, its services/products and the only thing they want is the process that their team has prepared to develop the company but it lacks some figures, because they contain a lot of information and are essential to a perfect SWOT Analysis.

Swot Aanlysis swot analysis 1 swot analysis 2


2. This SWOT template can be used in the opposite way of the previous one, a manager is introducing the company, processes, products/services, and benefits along with a lot of other information as if he or she is presenting the SWOT Analysis to the employees. You can’t understand how to eliminate weaknesses or convert the threats to opportunities if you do not have vast knowledge of the company. Having so many pages can reduce the presentation efficiency.

Swot Analysis 4 Swot Analysis 5 Swot Analysis 6


3.The third one uses infographic to present the SWOT Analysis but, it lacks a lot of important information which may show the presented results, not applicable.

Swot Analysis 7 Swot Analysis 8 Swot Analysis 9


4. A very clean and sufficient template for SWOT Analysis, having an integrity in design and information provision, but not suitable for presenting in front of company board members because it doesn’t have gravity for them.

Swot Analysis 10 Swot Analysis 11 Swot Analysis 13


5.Although this SWOT Analysis template may seem a little simple, but if the presenter possesses the required proficiency in presentation, it will be the perfect SWOT Analysis. It contains all the information that has to be shown and rest will be on the presenters.

Swot Analysis 14 Swot Analysis 15 Swot Analysis 16