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Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Pregnancy is a challenging and exciting time, full of change and anticipation. A baby shower invitation allows family and friends to assist with the essentials that the new Mom and baby will need, but often there isn’t time to be fussing around with invitation formatting. Invitations that are both beautiful and informative are essential, however, the person who is throwing the party, whether it is the expectant mother or a family member or friend, there is rarely time to mess around with the minutia of creating an invitation.

Throwing the perfect baby shower can be made simple and easy with Baby shower invitation templates. An adorable and thoughtful invitation template is a great way to let friends and family of a new baby know that you are going to host an event celebrating the impending birth of the baby.

Baby Shower Invitation Sample

printable baby shower invitation


Baby Shower Invitation Format

baby shower invitation example


Theming your baby shower can be a great way to set the tone for the event. Some people theme their baby showers around the gender of the child and some go for more neutral baby animals and pastel yellows and greens. Regardless of whether you are celebrating a boy, girl or surprise, a baby shower invitation can reflect your joy and excitement about the new arrival.

Whether you are the mother to be or a friend taking on the duties of throwing a baby shower you can create an amazing invitation that will prompt the friends and family of the new baby to attend. Celebrating the impending birth of a gorgeous new bub is an exciting and joyous occasion and you want the people you love to celebrate with you, so your invitation needs to charming and coherent so that not only will people remember to set aside the date and attend, but they will also be prompted to think about what sort of contribution they want to make. Whether that contribution is something heartfelt, handmade, has historical significance or is purely practical in nature, it’s important to make your guests feel like their contribution, but most importantly their presence is valued.