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Printable Canasta Score Sheets

The Canasta Score Sheets are great methods of keeping track of the detailed, and intricate scoring system of the game Canasta. Said to have originated in Montevideo, Uraguay in 1939, Canasta became popular in the 1950’s in North America, and it was at that time that Classic Canasta was developed. Since then, players have continued to develop this game, and some favor this developed version of Modern American Canasta.

The variation of Canasta being played will dictate how the score is taken, what type of Canasta Score Sheet is preferable to the score keeper, and details of the game such as which variations of Melds are acceptable. There are variations to Canasta that can include mixes of two, three, four, or six players. For games that have and even number of players, the game is usually played in partnerships, but can be played with four individual players not in partnership.

Sample of Canasta Score Sheets

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Canasta Score Sheets Format

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Canasta is generally played with two 52 card decks, plus their 4 jokers totaling 108 cards. Cards 4 through 7 are worth Five Points each. Cards 8 through King are worth 10 points each. Jokers are worth 50 points each, and the Aces and 2’s are worth 20 points each. Threes have a special value, and their own rule of play with Red Three’s having a value of 100 points.

Canasta in play is a meld of seven cards, which can be a Red Canasta or Black Canasta; the first being pure with no wilds, and the second containing wilds.

There are specific rules that dictate when and how teams or individual players can meld their cards, and each Melding has its own value.

A game is ended when a player ‘goes out,’ meaning that the player has run out of cards, or when the Stock Pile is empty and a player in turn wishes to play from the stock pile. In the event of the depletion of the stock-pile, the game is ended and the points are counted for the Canasta Score Sheet.

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Points are totaled by the Melds, and any Bonuses that players or teams are entitled to, and the score is taken at the end of each game. Cards still held in the player’s hands are negative points, and one Bonus can have a negative impact on a players opponents rather than the player. Bonuses include the Natural Canasta worth 500 points; the Mixed Canasta worth 300 points; a Wildcard Canasta worth 1,000 points; Melding out ‘concealed’ worth 200 points; Four Red Three’s worth 800 points; Melding out worth 100 points to the player that goes out; and the Opponents Deduction if a player Melds out before their opponent can Meld something other than a Red Three which total value is deducted from the opponent.

Different variations of the Canasta Score sheet can be downloaded here for the games score keeper.