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Car Purchase Agreement Template – Best Samples

You want to own a car, make sure that a legally correct contract exists. Car purchase agreement template can be designed to cater for this. The car purchase agreement template can be easily accesses online for free and printable in that it can easily be customized in case of any change that may be needed. A purchase agreement keeps selling buying or transferring ownership or personal property on the up and up. Car purchase agreement is created to record of the sale. Buyers and the seller both benefit from having the details in writing, especially if the goods involved are valuable.

Important features that need to be included in the car purchase agreement template

  •  Create the personal details of the seller and buyer

Names, address among the other personal details information. Remember the template is a legal document that be used at the law court in case of any legal default

  •  The car detail

This will capture all the information on the car’s make, type, model, bodywork, cubic capacity, color, performance, serial number, and initial registration, insurance

In case if, it had any accident and the description of accident damage. Description of flaws services conducted as per service booklet

  •  General conditions

Guarantee- this can be based what the seller has seen and test-derived or parts and labor. You can have room for others conditions

  • Delivery of vehicle

The car can remain the property of the seller until the purchase price is paid in full amount. You include the date, place and time of delivery

  • Method of payment

Describe the mode of payment that one can use either cash or cheque on delivery of the car

  • Signatures

Have the car purchase agreement template with both signatures from both parties. It should also include the day the contract was signed

Point to note for the second hand cars there should always have a written statement and the price and payment as well. With the car purchase agreement template can have all this detail customized in the template and make the deal in confidence.

Car Purchase Agreement Template Sample and Format :

Car Purchase Agreement Template Sample and Format

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