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Cheerleading Tryout Score Sheets

Cheer leading is a difficult task that requires grace, commitment, flexibility and other things. When tryouts are being conducted, these things are often checked against the applicant. Since cheer leaders encourage other teams when they are playing, it is important to test for all the qualities. You cannot afford to have some parts of the tryout sheet missing as it will compromise the entire process. For that, you need to have a cheer leading tryout score sheets. Download our free printable cheer leading tryout score sheet templates to ensure you always have your records straight.

There are many tests that are done in a single tryout. You need to be keen and focus your attention on the person trying out. You can do this by downloading a cheer leading try out template. The template has all the categories, and all you need to do is fill them in the course of the exercise.

Cheer leading Tryout Score Sheets Sample

download cheer leading tryout score sheets


Cheer leading Tryout Judges Score Sheets

free download cheer leading tryout score sheets


High School Cheer leader Tryout Judges Score Sheets

print free cheer leader tryout score sheets


How it works

  • The different categories cover all sections of cheer-leading giving a comprehensive picture of the person trying out. It makes it easy to analyze person’s strength and weaknesses so you can make the right decision.
  • The templates are uniform ensuring you are not biased when making your judgments and decision. Everyone will have to be tested the same way.
  • The templates outline all the things that make a good cheerleader. You can use them to advise others on what to improve if they do not make the cut.
  • The scoring system is standard which makes the tryouts fair for all parties.

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Instead of having to draft a score sheet, you can download a free printable cheer leading score sheet from our website. The score sheets are high quality and have all the provisions necessary to judge accordingly. Instincts are good and can be true, however, you can now back your instincts with accurate records. Next time you are preparing for the tryouts, you can download the free templates from our website and make your work easier.