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A cricket score sheet is an excel or PDF sheet of paper used to record cricket innings, dots, over spelled, wickets, NO and the total score of the two teams in the cricket test. A proper cricket score sheet is a work of art that allows the reader to understand the flow and ebb of a cricket match. For any professional cricket player or enthusiast, having the right free cricket score sheets can help in making accurate records that go beyond just who won the game.

How it works

  1. The first step is looking and the different templates to select the one that is best for the game or tournament. You have customization options to ensure that you get your desired format.
  2. Next, you can opt to feed the names of the teams and the name of the players involved in the game. You can also opt to download the template and add the names manually if you need to confirm the players on game day.
  3. When the template is ready, you can download to your computer free. If you are one of the organizers, you can send the free cricket score sheets to other organizers and the teams involved. If it is a casual game, you can print them and share them with the other players in the game.

Sample of Cricket Score Sheets

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Cricket Score Sheets Format

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Regardless of whether you are an organizer, a player, one of the coaching staff or just a fan of the game, the free cricket score sheets will allow you to record every detail of the game. The templates available are easy to understand allowing more accurate scoring. Knowing who won the game is not enough. A good score sheet can tell you who was leading before the breaks and whether the underdogs rallied in the last minute or the dominant team lead from beginning to end.

These well-designed templates can be customized to suit the task. Whether it is a professional game or just a casual game between friends, these free score sheets will not disappoint.