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Daily Calories and Fat Log Template for Excel

Using this daily calories and fat log template can help a lot of people when it comes to sticking to a calorie-restricted diet or a fat-restricted diet. This template allows people to keep track of their daily meals, including the fat grams and calories in the meals. This will allow people to recognize patterns in what they are eating, which is going to allow them to make all sorts of necessary changes and modifications.

This free template can help people pinpoint problems in what they are eating, while also giving people the opportunity to evaluate their progress and congratulate themselves for what they have accomplished. A template like this can be used to motivate people. It can also be used to give doctors and dietitians the information that they need about what their patients are eating and when, which can help both parties collaborate on everything from meal planning to new health strategies.

People will be able to easily record all of the relevant information. There is a column for the food items in question, the calories, the fat grams, the calories from fat, and the subsequent fat percentage. This will make it that much easier for the people who are trying to get a sense of whether or not they are getting a lot of fat in their diets proportionally. Almost all people are going to ingest some dietary fat.

However, the people who are on restricted diets are going to need to consume less of it, and it helps if they are able to easily work out the percentages of dietary fat involved. People will be able to record and summarize all of the information that they have as well. As such, people are going to have an easier time seeing all of the evidence associated with their eating habits.

Daily Calories and Fat Log Template for Excel