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Daily Exercise and Running Log Templates

Have you ever wanted to keep track of your daily exercise and how much or how long you have run in a day? If you have, then we have created exercise log templates as well as running log templates that will help you keep track. The logs come with daily running and workout summaries which include start times, end times, start and end destination, KMs, a workout plan, plus much more. Each template is done in Excel and is so easy to use, each of the sheets includes a graph chart so that you can quickly check your performance over time.

There are so many reasons keeping track of your daily exercise progress is important, these reasons are as follows; keeping track of regular exercise keeps you honest, by seeing what you have done in a given day allows you to know where you need to improve. You’ll be able to see if you have met your goals for the day. You will be able to your results and learn where you have fought past plateaus, where you ran longer, where you worked out or ran for a week or more straight. It will help you to exercise or run more because by keeping a log you will see where you have been lazy and it will make you want to work harder.

Using the exercise log templates and running log templates are very beneficial to maintaining a consistent exercise and running pattern. Seeing what you have done on a daily basis will push you to work even harder. Not to mention if you are required to exercise per doctors request you can proudly show your doctor how much progress you are making.

Free Running Log Templates for Excel

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Daily Exercise Log Templates for Word

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