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Discharge Summary Templates – Create a professional Discharge Summary of a Patient

Hospitals and other medical facilities like to keep things moving along efficiently. One task that might get out of hand is the discharge summary. This is a summary of the patient’s hospital stay. Creating a discharge summary is a difficult task for those working in a busy hospital environment. However, the staff at numerous medical facilities discovered that discharge summary templates helped to simplify the entire process. Often, the quality of the summary affects the entire standing of the hospital. Therefore, it is important that the hospital creates a professional quality discharge summary that is clear, precise, and complete.

 Discharge Summary Template: The staff could spend endless hours trying to compose a discharge summary that contains all the important information. The fact is that some summaries get out of hand and might include information that is not important, while ignoring information that should be included. Save precious time with discharge summary templates. On this page are 4 templates which will easily help the medical staff write a professional quality discharge summary that is easy to understand by those that read the summary. Those that use the templates report that the quality of the discharge summaries improved dramatically. In addition, using the template saved a lot of extra work hours and money for the hospital or medical facility.

What Should A Summary Include

The discharge summary should include basic information like the period of time that the patient stayed in the hospital, the patient’s condition when they arrived at the hospital. the patient’s condition during the hospital stay, the diagnosis given, the treatment given, the medicines given, and the patient’s condition upon discharge. The fact is that it is extremely easy for the medical staff to leave out important information. The Discharge Summary Template helps the staff supply all necessary information.

Sample Discharge Summary Templates

Sample Discharge Summary Template


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