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For a business owner a donation of goods or money is not only helpful for business to the community, but it also offers a bit of a tax break depending on the value of the goods. You will need to show proof of the donation however and that is where our donation receipt template comes in handy.

With our donation receipt template you can list the items or monetary funds that you are donating, along with the information from the place or organization you are donating them too. This donation receipt template has everything you could possibly need in order to keep track of where your funds or merchandise is going to. The donation receipt template also has the locations on it to track the value of merchandise if that is what you are donating. It is quick to download and a few quick clicks allows you to make the changes you need allowing you to program your business in, and either print blank copies for later use, or add the information in all at once.

For an organization that is looking to collect donations from a company, the donation receipt template serves a great purpose for you as well. The donation receipt template allows you to have all of your organizations information pre-typed in, once you download it. Then all you need to do is print copies of the donation receipt template with your information and take it with you when you are trying to gather those donations. It shows the businesses that their donation is a great tax write off and allows them to make a more informed decision on whether they will donate to your cause. Plus it makes a great selling point that can add to the cause you are looking to gather funds or merchandise for.

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