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Printable Farkle Score Sheets

Farkle is a Dice game which is scored by accumulative points. The Farkle Score Sheets keeps track of the achieved score of all players and the running total of the player currently in turn. The rules of the game are very simple. Points are counted by an “all or none” standard, and the score keeper records the cumulative points on the Farkle Score Sheet.

Farkle can be played with two or more players, and needs a total of Six dice. Each player rolls one die, and the player to roll the highest number goes first. In the event of a tie, the players who tied roll again, or until one player rolls a highest number on the die.

At the turn of each player, the active player rolls all six dice at once- with or without a cup. Any die worth points, or any group of dice worth points are taken out and set aside. The player rolls the remaining dice. If the active player manages to roll all Six dice, collecting points at each roll, the player can then begin rolling with all six dice again. This is repeated until the player either reaches 500 points or Farkles.

Once the active player reaches 500 points in one turn, the player can choose to either take the 500 points and pass the dice, or keep rolling for more points. A Farkle is achieved when no dice can be removed from the roll to be counted as points. If a player Farkles at any point during the current roll all points are forfeit whether or not the 500 point threshold was achieved.

Sample of Farkle Score Sheets

download free farkle score sheets


Farkle Score Sheets Format

pritnable farkle score sheets


Farkle Extreme Score Sheets Example

farkle score sheets sample



Accumulated points do not extend beyond the current turn of each player. Also, the collection of any set such as a Three of a Kind, Full House, Six Straight, or Three Pair must be achieved within each roll meaning that a three of a kind must be rolled in one roll. Unlike games like Yatzee, dice cannot be set aside in the hopes of collecting two 4’s in one turn, and one 4 in the next to achieve a three of a kind. The same is for all sets.

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The Farkle Score Sheet that can be downloaded here have a column for each player, up to six, and a score legend showing which sets will yield points in each roll, and what they are worth for each player to see.