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A filing cabinet is the first step to getting all of your important files organized. It gives you a place to store them and keep them organized. But of those files are not labeled first it can take you a while to find what you might be looking for. In order to keep yourself organized and allow you to find your paperwork with ease you want to try this file folder label template in order to print your labels on.

This file folder label template sticks easy to the tab in all file folders and stands out in a bold way. It allows you to be more organized when you add the labels to your folders, giving you an easy way to access your files as you need them. By using this file folder label template you get a professional look to your labels which is great for the office whether it is at home or away from home.

At home you can use this file folder label template to label your folders for bills, medical records, vehicle paperwork, and credits cards so you can stay organized. Even your personal and bank files have never looked better with the use of this professional looking file folder label template. At work you can use the file folder label template to label all your employee files and your invoices, keeping them organized and on hand as you need them.

It only takes a few moments to download this great file folder label template and once you do you can make the changes you need to, anytime you need to. So you can use the same file folder label template over and over again as much as you need it. All you need to do is change the information you want to place in each label and then print them when you need them.

File Folder Label Template for Microsoft® Word

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