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Free Printable Blood Type Compatibility Charts

The era of modernization and information technology has brought numerous changes in the life of a modern individual. Technological advancement is also evident in the field of medicine which has endowed us with the use of Blood Type Compatibility Charts.

Blood Type Compatibility Charts And Their Uses

A Blood Compatibility Chart as the name implies shows the compatibility of one blood group to another.

Following are some of the Blood Compatibility Charts:

Blood Type Food Chart

Following are some of the Blood Types Compatibility Charts:

-The Blood Types Food Chart provides information on the kind of food that should be consumed by each of the belonging blood group. It also gives information on the foods that should be avoided.

Blood Type Food Chart


Blood Donation Compatibility Chart

The Blood Donation Chart shows the blood compatibility between the receiver and the donor for the organ transplant.

Blood Type Donantion Chart


Blood Types Chart

The Baby Blood Types Chart gives information on the different combination of the blood and the blood type distribution in the United States.

Blood Types Chart


Blood Types Parents Chart

The Parents Blood Type Chart is likely to given information about the blood that a person can possibly inherit from the parents.

Parents Blood Type Chart


Blood Types Diet Chart

The Blood Types Diet Chart give information on the different supplements and herbs and their benefits for the different blood types.

Blood Type Diet Chart

Blood Type Diet Chart Blood Type Diet Chart Blood Type Diet Chart


Blood Type Inheritance Chart

The Blood Types Genetic Chart give information on the genetics of the blood type for an individual.

Blood Type Inheritance Chart Blood Type Inheritance Chart


Blood Compatibility Chart

The Blood Types Compatibility Chart gives the compatibility for the blood type of the recipient and red cells, whole blood, and plasma of the donor.

Blood Type Compatibility Chart


So, these were some of the charts which can easily be downloaded for free and a lot of information can be availed by just looking at the charts with greater attention. It is remarkable how modern science has made everything so simplified that even a layman can understand a lot of information just by looking at the various charts.