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Free Quotation Templates for Business

For many types of businesses, it is impossible for them to give a standard price list for their goods and/or services to prospective clients. In such cases they choose to prepare a price or sales quote. When a customer receives a price quote they are being told how much labor, supplies, materials and/or products will cost them. Quotations are not estimates. Quotations are what the final job will actually cost a customer, while an estimate is an approximation of the final cost. Sales Quotations must be crafted carefully, as they are requested by potential customers, and businesses are well aware that when a sales quotation is requested, the prospective client is in the process of comparison shopping for the best deal available to them.

When a business is writing up a quote for a customer, they are careful to consider certain deciding factors that will determine the final price quote. These factors include, but are not limited to: Payment terms, payment schedule, contact information, labor schedule, delivery schedules, the date the quotation is valid for, descriptions of what constitutes the final price quote and letting the client know what is covered and what is not covered, and lastly, the overall price. As can be seen, preparing an accurate price quote is a complicated task. This is why businesses elect to use quotation templates. Quotation templates are a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to simplify this task.

Quotation templates are professionally designed business documents which can be formatted to fit each specific business, as well as the particular needs of that business. Time is money, and quotation templates streamline the process, and as billing documents they help to make the entire process of general record keeping and accounting running smoothly and efficiently. Also, a well designed quotation with a logical and professional layout will assist in building trust between the client and business owner. Quotation templates are entirely customizable. In other words, all you need to do is to download the form, customize it, and print it. Customization is simple, after downloading you simply enter your data and totals. Building a successful business means managing time successfully, keeping excellent records and building trust between clients. The quotation template is a large part of that process.

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Quotation Templates