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Free Wedding Seating Plan Templates (Word, Excel)

A seating plan being executed rashly without certain considerations in place may result in a mess. Well table seating plans with a scope to keep every guest satisfied on their rightful position is always a necessity during weddings. Such scenarios are well established into place through employing a wedding seating chart to guide the whole process.

Wedding seating charts are concentrated at eclectic options each tantamount to the nature of the wedding coupled by your own likes. 

Large wedding seating chart template is preserved for many guests. Many guests means more tables, this chart is fitted with all those table settings in handy with available chairs to maintain civilization in check.

Wedding Seating


Floral wedding seating chart echoes all the beauty of flowers structured in it. It guides groups of guests in their rightful table settings in accordance of their ranks and roles at the wedding to prevent mix up.

Wedding Seating 1


Welcome wedding seating chart serves as a direction feature of placing each attendee at his/her supposed to be location. It delivers the know-how to tame confusion in simple terms.

WeddingSeating 2



Square seating chart arranges each table in a square position to achieve maximum maneuverability space.

Wedding Seating 3


Beach wedding seating chart is firmly based only for outdoor events located on beaches. It arranges guests with a taste of fashion.

Wedding Seating 4


Format of a wedding seating chart is always immense in size and boasts a clear clarity of all table settings.

Wedding Seating 5


Customizable wedding seat chart template can be altered with at any given point. The structure can be rearranged time and again. It consists of different templates each illuminating a single table structure.

Wedding Seating 6


Categorization of guests must be conducted aptly. It’s mostly based in consideration with the roles of each present party, family members, closest friends e.t.c .All the above formats are PDF and ready printable.