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Holiday Itinerary Templates for Word and Excel

Holiday itinerary templates are used for detailed holiday plan that has all the details of the travel arrangements, accommodation and the important information required during the trip. If you travel often, you know how hectic it is to ensure that you catch the right plane and book the right hotel. The best way to avoid undue stress, while on holiday, is by using a holiday itinerary template.

Benefits of using holiday itinerary templates

  1. These itineraries will store crucial information to ensure that it is accessible from one document. Information on the time of flights and the hotel reference numbers can be lost when stored haphazardly. travel Itinerary templates make it easier to access this information.
  2. The itineraries are easy to replicate to ensure everyone has the information. Instead of having one ticket or one hotel receipt, you can make copies of an itinerary to ensure everyone is well informed.
  3. Itineraries can be used to find lost family members while on a trip. People commonly get lost or are separated while on holiday. If every member has an itinerary, the likelihood of regrouping with the rest of the family is greater.

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Holiday Itinerary Template in Word:

Free Family Holiday Itinerary Templates


Sample of Holiday Itinerary Template


Vacation Holiday Itinerary Template


Free Vacations Holiday Itinerary.


What should you add to your itinerary?

  1. Your itinerary should have your contact information like home address, phone number and next of kin information.
  2. You should ensure that you have your hotel confirmation number to make it easier to check into the hotel especially if you paid online.
  3. You should have the name and details of the travel agent or website that you used to book your flights or hotel.
  4. You should have a copy of your passenger names as listed on your passports as well as the passport numbers. This is handy in case your passports are stolen while on holiday.
  5. You should record the flight times and dates as well as the flight ticket numbers. You can include the frequent flier number if you have one.
  6. While on holiday, list the bus numbers or route names while traveling to ensure you can find your way back.