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How to Write a New Job Announcement Letter

If and when you receive a job offer, it is a matter of prudence that you share the same with your team members, workmates, and professional bodies. That requires that you draft a suitable new job announcement letter to the effect. The purpose of the letter is to notify the said persons of your new job.

Knowing how to draft the letter is definitely a great thing to do. You have to know the steps involved in the process and the kind of language to use to convey the same message. We prepare and dedicate this piece of writing to just that.

How to write a new Job Announcement

To tackle the issue, we shall look into the steps involved in doing that as a couple of some writings to give you the necessary inspiration.

Step I: Confirm the new job

Start off by confirming the new job offer. It is important to wait until you get every detail of the job before proceeding to draft the said letter. Chances are that your new employer may withdraw the vacancy notice prematurely or even retract the offer from you completely.

Step II: Draft the letter

Having confirmed that you are indeed moving on to your new vacancy, you should now draft the letter. While at it explain or give details about:

  • Explain that you are leaving your current job
  • When you plan to cross over from your job
  • The new position that you shall assume at your new company
  • How you intend to stay connected with your present colleagues upon departing
  • Expression of gratitude towards your current employer for the opportunity

Step III: Proof-read and edit

As with any other piece of writing, you should similarly proof-read and edit the letter before delivering it to the various recipients. While at it, you should remove any grammatical errors that are bound to dilute the meaning. Also, check that the facts are consistent with the realities of your new job.

Step IV: Deliver the announcement

Having done all that may be needed, you now have to deliver the announcement to the rightful audience. These may take many forms. You may pin it on your company noticeboard, via the relevant groups on social sites, through letters and notes. Choose the avenue that will reach the highest number of persons possible.

Format for Job Announcement Letter

Subject: Moving on __________________________

It is with deep sorrow that I write to terminate my employment with your company effective ___________ (mm/dd/yyyy). This is due to my impending transition to the _______________ (name of new company).

The purpose of my move has been occasioned by the new job offer that I have been called upon to do there. I would have wished to remain but it is somewhat unfortunate that I just have to leave.

I say a big ‘thank you’ for the opportunity you have given me. I will particularly miss my colleagues who have been invaluable in their support and the interactions we shared.

To aid with transition, I offer myself for any help or support. Count on me to help out in this. Many thanks yet again for the opportunity.


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Sample Job Announcement Letter

Subject: Moving on to a new job

Let me start by first and foremost thank you for the opportunity you gave me to work for you. Indeed, my last 5 years here have been fruitful and full of fun. I shall forever cherish the experience I have managed to accrue while here.

Sadly though, I have no option now but to move on to another opportunity. While I would have wished to stay with you permanently, I just have to transition to another area for the sake of taking up new challenges. This shall happen on April 20th, 2020, roughly a fortnight from now.

I will truly miss your company and the colleagues I have interacted with over the years. Please let me know how I can be of help in the transition period. I wish you all the best in your subsequent endeavors.


Michael Henderson,




Don’t you now have the skill and expertise you need to know to announce your imminent departure from your current workplace? We are now truly confident that you have what you need to do a great job. Why not take advantage of the pieces of information we have furnished to daft an awesome announcement?