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Immunization Record Templates and Samples

There are several times in an individual’s life that they might require an immunization record. Certainly, it is important that the information on the record is complete, clear, and concise. Traditional record keeping tactics are still being used by some organizations. However, a busy office or individual might prefer transferring all that important data to immunization record templates. Why use templates. Well, it’s simple. The templates are a very good way to speed up production, information is easy to find, they are easy to update, and store for the future.

Immunization Record Templates An immunization record is a very important document that must be handled with extreme care and detail. The record is a complete time-line of all the vaccinations that a person has received up to that point. There are certain jobs that might require immunization records. Kids going off to college might require immunization records. Those traveling abroad might also require detailed immunization records to get passports before entering another country.


The basic immunization record should contain the name of the individual, address, and other details about residency. The immunization records should also contain the health care provider’s name, address, signature, and date. Other details include the immunizations received. For example, immunizations for measles, mumps, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, chicken pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and several others.

Included here are 5 different immunization record templates for adults and children. Each template covers all standard types of immunization records with dates included, where taken, and health provider details.

Immunization Record Templates for Adults

Immunization Record Templates


Approved Immunization Register Template


Blank Immunization Record Card Template


Child and Teen Immunization Record Card


Childhood Immunization Record Form


 Vaccine Administration Record for AdultsDownload