Certificate Templates

Editable Blank Marriage Certificate Templates – For Word

Marriage Certificate Templates serves as ‘an additional’ copy of marriage certificate to commemorate the wedding day. These templates allow you to design an unauthorized marriage certificate which can become a wall ornament; you can share or keep it somewhere for memory stimulation.

One can keep his family genealogy information through these templates. With a number of options available like the design, type, and quality of paper select whatever feels like special to satisfy the couple.

Marriage Certificate Format

It includes all of the following main details:

  • Names of the couple, age, gander, residence, and signature
  • Date and Place of Marriage
  • Official’s and witnesses’ name

The overall format of a LEGAL certificate may vary from state to state but TEMPLATES include only the basic details such as names, date, place and official’s name with signatures.



Marriage Certificate Template in Word

  • In this type of template, you need to fill only the details left blank in the editor.
  • You can easily edit your mistakes.
  • Easily modify the template according to your own choice, fancy or professional.
Marriage Certificate Template in Word (DocFormats.com)


Marriage Certificate Template in PDF Format

  • A bit different from the format in Word; here it has to be filled with a pen or marker.
  • There’s no room for mistake after you fill the certificate.
  • Hand filled certificates look more decent and classy.
Marriage Certificate Template in PDF Format (DocFormats.com)


Remember, the designed certificates are NOT LEGAL documents. These cannot be used in for any dispute or another legal purpose.You have to get the official and LEGAL certificate from the Government authority. But it doesn’t mean it is of no value, your affection and emotions will always be attached to it.

In short, a designed marriage certificate template will serve as the beautiful keepsake of vows and promises of the couple to each other with all the details incorporated in it.