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Printable Acupressure Charts

Acupressure is a Chinese healing art used to relieve pain, treat diseases, help relax, and promote wellness. It works by applying pressure to the body’s meridian points. Acupressure also relieves tension, increases circulation, and enhances the body’s life force energy. The application of acupressure can fortify the sexual and reproductive systems, tone muscles, and detoxify the body for better health.

You can learn self-treatment applications and formulas for using printable acupressure point charts for treating specific conditions. In some conditions it is used to treat are chronic fatigue, addiction recovery, mental stress, chronic muscular pain, and fibromyalgia. It is also used to cultivate sexual energy. It is believed acupressure enhances sexual pleasure It is believed that acupressure enhances sexual pleasure, fortifies fertility, and increases sexual endurance. This is done using stimulation of pressure points, full body embraces, kisses, and the secrets of touch.

Printable acupressure charts can help you locate the proper points for your specific needs. As an ancient Chinese healing method, it is long known to treat physical pain, but it can also relieve emotional pain. Emotional stress can cause symptoms in many of the body’s systems. Acupressure can relieve the muscular tension caused by this stress. It can relax the tight muscles and restore the flow of energy needed to heal from such stress.

All methods and styles of acupressure use the same pressure trigger points. The styles and methods differ in how to stimulate the points. There are a variety of rhythms and pressures and whether they use the hands, feet, arms, or legs. The pressure points which can be located using printable acupressure charts, conduct electricity at the surface of the skin. There are twelve meridian lines along the body which are naturally healing paths. The pressures applied to the points reopen blocked pathways to alleviate symptoms caused by the blockages. When the pathways are unblocked, healing energy called Qi or Chi can resume its flow through the body, giving the body back its Life Force.

Printable Acupressure Charts in PDF

Printable Acupressure Charts in PDF

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