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Printable Bridge Score Sheets

These printable Bridge Score Sheets are very helpful to the scorer in keeping a record of each rubber and individuals scores. The sheets let you keep track of all the information in a way that will be that will be easily read and understood by everyone. Useful for not only a group of friends sitting down to play but, also in a tournament setting.

As we know, Bridge is played with 4 people, pairing up to create 2 teams. One of the standard score sheets for a Rubber is as follows;

The top half of the Bridge Score Sheet is divided into 4 columns labeled WE and THEY. The scorer’s team is the WE. Each column is then divided in half vertically. The CONTRACT points are scored below the line and any over-tricks above the line

The bottom half of the score sheet lists the individual players and their personal scores per rubber.

The Chicago Bridge score sheet is similar, but with the additional columns need for this version of Bridge.

Sample of Rubber Bridge Score Sheets

sample of rabber score sheets


Bridge Score Sheets Format

free download bridge score sheets


Another selection for a Bridge Score sheet gives more information on the scoring details. This is perfect for someone who is newer to the game, or learning how to be the scorer. The top part is divided into three sections. The first contains the points to award each team for tricks, the second is titled duplicate and includes vulnerable / not vulnerable. The third is about over-tricks. The bottom half is divided into WE and THEY again, but slightly different. You have the three columned sections under each of the top scoring sections and you record the points under the appropriate ones. You use the same method to keep track, contract points below the line and over-tricks above.

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Please feel free to use the sheets to help you and those you play with easily keep score. If you a particularly good night, you can even frame them as a reminder to others of your amazing game. Happy Bidding.