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Printable Bunco Score Sheets

Bunco is a popular game played with dice. You’ll typically find it being played in casinos or parlors with a dozen or more players, divided into teams. Each team takes its turn rolling three dice, with the hopes that they land favorably. Winning is based purely on luck; there is absolutely no skill or strategy required. Any game will require printable bunco score sheets. These score sheets are essential in keeping track of each team’s score.

So, how does this game work and why are Printable Bunco Score Sheets needed? The rules of this dice game are simple. Players are divided into groups of four. Each group sits at a different table and takes turns rolling three dice. Teams receive a given number of points depending on how the roll of the dice. Typical rules award twenty one points, a “Bunco,” if the three dice are the same a the dice at the head table. Teams will receive five points if all three dice rolled are the same number. Finally, one point is given for each individual die that matches the number at the head table. If more than one full game is played, teams take turns a the head table. There are six rounds in each game. After each team takes its turn, their score is recorded on the score sheet. At the end of six rounds, the team with the highest score is the winner.

Sample of Bunco Score Sheets

bunco score sheets example


Bunco Score Sheets Format

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Bunco Score Sheets Example

printable free bunco score sheets


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As you can see, score sheets are essential in order to keep track of which team is winning as you play through the six rounds of the game. If you are thinking about trying your hand at Bunco, say maybe holding a casino-night with friends, you should definitely download our free printable Bunco score sheets. They are very easy to interpret and provide space to record scores through all six rounds of play. They also allow for easy tally of total scores at the end of the game.