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Printable Chess Score Sheets

A chess score sheets are used by you and your opponent to write down every move you make and the game’s end result. Score sheets are most commonly used in competitions, but there are many benefits to recording your moves in friendly play.

For example, if every move is noted on the score sheet then cheating becomes very difficult. Plus, it’s a great way to prove who won. If you take a break from the game – or upend the board and lose the position of the pieces – you can replicate your game by following the score sheet, rather than starting again. Recording your moves means you can both replay your better games and learn from your worse games, making you a better chess player overall.

Sample of Chess Score Sheets

chess score sheets sample


Chess Score Sheets Format

chess score sheets record


Chess Score Sheets Example

free printable chess score sheets


Best of all, it’s so easy!

Chess notation is used to complete the score sheet, and is very simple to learn, and even quicker to write down. For example, imagine you – as the white player – move your King to the square g5, you would write Kg5 on the chess score sheet under the white player’s column. It’s now the black player’s turn, and they will write their move under the black column. Simple! Repeat this until the game is complete – good luck!

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