Chart Templates

Printable Metric Conversion Charts for Kids

A child’s mind is innocent and fragile. It takes creativity to teach a child new thing like mathematics, and most teachers may struggle sometimes when it comes to the point of teaching kids on how to use metric unit  conversion charts. That’s where metric conversion chart templates become handy. It is very important for kids to learn how to use them because it’s a way of helping them understand mathematical calculations easily. Below is a summary of these charts and what they consist of to help you have an easier job as you teach the kids.

Basic Metric Conversion Chart (Milligram to Gram to Kilogram)

It is a very simple chart for the understanding capacity of kids, and it’s made up of a single unit of metric conversions. It easy to understand, neat and comes with a good layout. Kids can out different types of calculations with this chart.

Simple Metric Converion Chart


Metric Conversion Chart for Medical Field

If you are teaching kids about medical conversions, I would recommend this metric chart. It consists of basic units of medical field and is quite simple hence enabling the kids to perform simple mathematics calculations. Convertion Chart For Medical Field



AWG to Metric Conversion Chart (PDF)

Just in case you need to teach metric conversions of AWG units to kids then this chart is all you can ever ask for. It is easy to understand and easy to use.

AWG to Metric Conversion

AWG to Metric Conversion


Why You Should Use Metric Conversion Charts

These charts help children to practice their mathematical skills for future purposes. As they keep learning, more challenging tasks await them, and it is important for them to have skills that will help them cope.

Advantages of Using Metric Conversion Charts

  • They are made in the simplicity of kid’s mind. They are the simplest charts you can find and are straight to the point.
  • The charts have summarized bulky information found in books and made it very easy for kids to understand.
  • They consist of different units hence one can be able to carry out different or multiple conversions as they like.


Go ahead and print good metric conversion charts to help your kids learn and understand mathematics, for current and future use.