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Printable Softball Score Sheets

These printable Softball Score Sheets are used by the Scorers of each team to easily record what each player on the team does for both batting and when they are on field The scorer tracks both teams at bats so you will need two separate sheets. The Softball Score Sheets are given to the coaches of the teams and the League.

At the top of each Softball Score Sheet, you will record the teams playing, if they are the home or visiting team, the final score, who won/lost, the date and the names of the Scorers for both teams. There is also a place for any comments if needed.

Column 1 – this is the batting order starting from the first inning.

Column 2 – the player’s names will go here, in the batting order. So if Steve Smith is batting first, he is the first name on the sheet. The two lines underneath are used if another player is substituted in.

Column 3 – the position each person has when on the field. For example, the pitcher’s position is #1, catchers are #2, shortstop is position #6 and so on.

Columns 4 to 13 – This is where you will enter the at bat information for every player. The 5 small boxes in the top left corner record balls (top 3 boxes) and strikes (bottom 2 boxes).

– on the left side of the square is where you will record if the player got a hit, or was walked and which base he got to. Also if a run was scored during this players turn at bat. You continue on in this manner for every player at the plate.

The diamond has two purposes. First, it records the players progress around the diamond. You do this by tracing a progress line along the diamond. For example, if the first batter hit a double, you will trace a line on the diamond to 2nd base and circle 2nd base indicating the hit. If he advances to third on the next players hit you will trace the line to third base. If the player advanced to third base due to an error on the other teams part, you will record it along the 3rd base line with an E and the position of the player that made the error. So, if the 3rd baseman made the error allowing the runner to advance, it will be recorded as E5 in the top left area outside of the diamond. The other purpose for the diamond is recording what happened to a player. If he hit a home run or ran the bases on hits, you would color in the diamond. If he struck out, put a K inside and so on.

Although there are only 7 innings, there are additional columns just in case extra innings are played.

The last four columns on the Softball Score Sheets are used for each player’s stats once the game is ended.

Sample of Softball Scorecard Sheets

download softball score sheets


Softball Roaster Score Sheets

softball score sheets example


Softball Score Sheets Format

download free softball score sheets


Softball Score Sheets Format

free printable softball score sheets


AB– at bats

H– the number of hits that player had

R – the number of times that person crossed home plate

RBI– how many runs were batted in by the player.

At the bottom, you will keep track of the number of runs scored, if any during each inning. The visitors are on top, the home team on the bottom. Also, a place to record the number of hits, errors, and batters left on base per inning.

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On the bottom left, you have a space to record anybody not playing in the game to start, but may be substituted in if needed.

We offer these printable Softball Score Sheets to help you keep track of the games with ease. Please feel free to print as many as you require.