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Receipt Template – Blank Receipts for Word

Our Receipt Templates are designed to do a number of different jobs. A business needs different types of receipts for different expenses. We have three different Receipt Templates to assist our customers. Each Receipt Template is saved to the computer system of the company, making it easy to reprint any receipts in the future.

The Receipt Template for petty cash is convenient to use to tract the payouts for the petty cash expense account. Our template includes a place for the amount received, the name of the petty cash recipient, the department charged, date, the purpose of the expense, and the name of the authorizing official. Every business has a petty cash fund, and this receipt is a great way to keep a running record of the petty cash account.

Receipt Template for Petty Cash :

Petty Cash Receipt Template for Word

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Multiple Product Receipt Template for Word :

Our multiple product Receipt Template is designed for transactions that involve more than one item. The template includes the name of the buyer and the seller, an individual description of each item and the cost, a subtotal column, a tax line and a line for the final total. The user of this template can add to it all the items needed to complete the transaction. This template makes it easy to draw up a receipt and have it ready when the customer arrives.

Multiple Product Receipt Template for Word

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Single Item Receipt Template :

Our single item receipt is designed for single transactions or for lengthy produce descriptions. This would include service descriptions. The template includes a place for the product, subtotal, taxes and total. There is also a line for a discount if offered by the business. This Receipt Template includes a place for the receiver of the purchase to sign and date the document.

Single Item Receipt Template

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All of our templates allow the user to change the fonts and colors to suit their business. Colors can even be used to help distinguish between departments. Clearly, our Receipt Templates are an asset to any business.