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Resume Cover Letter for College Students

A cover letter is the first item that an employer sees as a correspondent from you. It is accompanied by a resume and other certification documents. It gives the employer your first impression, therefore it should briefly and articulately highlight your background, class and out of class acquired skills that match the employer’s needs. Resume cover letter for college students differs from the other resume because there is minimal or no work experience. As you start, research the company, its objectives, the position and its requirements. The cover letter should not exceed one-page length. Use official font and font size.

To begin, indicate your name and all contacts i.e. address, email and phone number. Address the letter to a specific individual, state their position in the organization and the company contact detail as gathered in the research. If you are unable to get a contact person name, use their respective title.

In the main body, indicate the reason for writing, the position you are applying for and how you came to know about it. Briefly relate your background and qualifications to the position. In cases of resume cover letter for college students, where the experience is limited or does not link directly to the position, clearly explain why you wish to work for this specific employer.

Indicate experiences and skill acquired in position of leadership, community and other out of class activities that would be an asset in that position. Make mention of your next step either in education or acquiring other skill beneficial to this position and the organization as a whole.

As you finish off, in the final paragraph, thank the employer for considering your application. Make mention of the resume attached. Sign off. Read through the letter, ensure it is professional, clear and concise, and then follow the company’s directions to mail the letter and Resume.

Remember even without work experience as required in most positions, your yesterday experience, in and out of class skills and your future plans when briefly indicated in the resume cover letter for college students, may land you a desired position.

Examples of Resume Cover Letter for College Students

Resume Cover Letter for College Students