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Printable Scrabble Score Sheets

These free printable Scrabble Score Sheets are designed to assist you in scoring your Scrabble games. They will help you to keep track of the words used in the game, as well as points, letter frequency, and winners. They provide a simple, accessible way to score your games without forgetting what words have been put down, or losing track of how many points you have. It’s a much more efficient way to score than simply trying to remember off the top of your head.

The first sheet is designed to allow you to record individual points, up to 20 turns. It also includes a letter frequency list, allowing you to know exactly what letters have been used. There is also a diagram of the Scrabble board to help keep track of the game. At the bottom of the score sheet, you will also find boxes to record over time and unplayed tiles. Just tally up your score at the end to find out who has won.

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The second sheet allows scoring for team games. You’ll find a similar layout, adapted so that two teams of two players each can record their scores and words. Again, you are able to mark over time penalties and unplayed tiles. This will help keep track of complicated scores in the heat of the game. The sheet allows you to put more of your energy into thinking up great words, and less into remembering your score. You also have the benefit of looking back at all the words you’ve used, allowing you to learn from past games if you keep your score sheets.

Sample of Scrabble Score Sheets

Scrabble Score Sheets Example


Scrabble Score Sheets Format

printable scrabble score sheets


These score sheets are completely free and available to download. You can then print them out to use, or use them on your computer, tablet, or phone. Simply click the download button. You can also download score sheets for other games.