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Printable Talent Show Score Sheets

Our Printable Talent Show Score Sheets are what the Judges use to help them write down their impressions of each of the contestants during their time on stage. This allows the Judges to score the participants as they perform, and to mark down any comments for recall if needed.

There are several variations of this form, but all will allow you to record the same information. One of the different variations uses a single page for each contestant or group. The performer(s) would fill out the information on top before the event with their name, type of talent and age or experience category if necessary. The judges will then fill out the rest based on the performance on stage.

The organizer will have prepared the sheets before hand with several categories listed such as creativity, crowd appeal etc., and the maximum number of points per category. The Judges then fill this out based on their thoughts of the act. Once this is done, the total number of points are added up and, when the last talent contestant has performed, the runners’ up and the winner are declared based on which person or group had the most points. If there is a tie for any of the placements, the Judges will debate and go over any notes they may have made to decide the winners.

Talent  Contest Judging Score Sheets

talent contest score sheets


Lecturer Talent Show Contest Score Sheets


Printable talent show score sheets


Sample of Talent Show Score Sheet

talent score sheets sample


Talent Show Entry Test Sheets

free download talent show score sheets


Talent Show Score Sheets Format

printable free talent score sheets


There are other layouts of Talent Show Score Sheets, including having all contestants listed on one page and the different judging criteria listed out in columns. It will be up to the organizer of the talent show to decide which one they prefer.

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Please feel free to access our Printable Talent Show Score Sheets for your use and enjoy the show!