Terms of Use & Disclaimer

By using our website you agree to abide by our terms and conditions listed below. If you choose to not accept our terms, then you cannot access our website. We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time, and as a customer, you will be giving implicit consent to these changes. We offer a license agreement that covers specific types of templates downloaded and installed by our clients. Our terms and conditions are listed below.

Using Links To Our Website

If you have a blog or website, you may set up a link to our web pages. The only acceptable links are extensions through an HTML link. Please do not link our site to your website if it contains pornography, harmful texts or any illegal activities.

Using Our Content

Our website and its contents are owned and copyrighted by us. We reserve all rights to our copyright. This includes all templates, files, software, graphics, music, text, graphics and other information. Any copyright laws that are broken will be enforced with a notice from the DMCA. Below are some procedures to follow to make sure that our copyright is not infringed upon.

  1. Visitors who access our website need to make sure that all trademarks, proprietary items and copyrighted material is protected.
  2. Persons who access our site are not allowed to create their own content from the content on this website.
  3. When using our products, visitors need to make sure they are not connected to our events, brands or products.
  4. Our content must not be used in a commercial way by our visitors.
  5. Do not display content from our website on other web pages or other on any other type of media.
  6. Do not alter or duplicate material on this website. This is considered and security breach and will be reported to the proper authorities.

If a visitor has a question about what is reserved by our website, please contact us.

Submissions To Our Website

Submissions to our website consist of ratings or comments by our visitors and clients. These comments become part of our website. Don’t submit comments that are owned by others. We do not pay for any submissions to our website. By submitting content to our website, the submitter agrees to all of our website terms. Your submission should not expose any confidential information. If it does, the submitter becomes liable to the legal sanctions available.

Ideas and Suggestions

Anyone submitting an idea or suggestion to the site should understand the rules that our website uses. Ideas and suggestions become a part of our website. We don’t guarantee that any of these submission will be secure from view by others, nor do we guarantee any payment for suggestions. If you want to make a submission that needs to be kept private, please contact us before sending in your information.

Conduct Required When Submitting Information To This Website

Any information submitted to this website should be limited to discussing the product provided by our website. Don’t send us information that belongs to third parties. Don’t send us information that is harmful or that will spread a virus to us or anyone else. Don’t submit legal information unless you are legally allowed to do so. Don’t submit spam to our website or we will take action to stop you. Keep submissions to the business at hand.

Account Information

When you submit information to set up your account, we expect it to be accurate. We also expect that you will have permission to use the computer from which you access our website. If we find out any information to the contrary, we reserve the right to close your account for providing us false information.

Disclaimer For Liability

This website is not responsible for any damage or injury that might occur while our site is being used. This includes the cases where our website is approached by a hyperlink. We are not liable for any damage or injury that may occur due to errors or viruses on the site. We are also not liable for any problems which result due to delays in transmitting to or from the website. More specifics are provided below.

  1. We are not liable for damages that are seeking compensation for any injury, consequential damage or incidental damage.
  2. Even if the website was negligent, the user assumes full responsibility for using our website. In some states, this website will not exclude liability for reasons that are inconsequential or incidental.
  3. Damages that result from linking to World Wide Web connections to and from other sites.
  4. This website contains a selection of links to other World Wide Web sites which we provide to our clients for their information and use. We are not promoting or endorsing any of these sites. We simply list the URLs to encourage our clients to learn more about our products.

Termination of Agreement

This agreement will remain in effect until termination by one of the two parties. All of our clients may terminate their accounts at any time and are free to destroy any documentation obtained from this site. Our website reserves the right to terminate accounts at any time if it feels a client is knowingly violating any part of this agreement.

We also reserve the right to alter our agreement with our clients at any time. Clients who continue to use this website will indicate agreement with the changes by their use of the website. It is not incumbent on this website to notify our clients of any changes to the agreement.