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Yahtzee Score Sheets – Word & Excel

Yahtzee is a fun game and can have hours of enjoyment, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep the score of the game. Keeping score can be difficult depending on the number of players and the number of variables that come up in a given play. You don’t want to have to worry about playing your game or watching the game and missing out on a score or having an inaccurate scored game. That’s why using Yahtzee Score Sheets can help to enhance the pleasure of your play.

The strategy of Yahtzee is to obtain the top score by throwing five dice. The game is made up of thirteen rounds. Each time the dice are rolled, a score will be made in either of the 13 categories. The idea is to score once in each category which is determined by a different rule. The game is finished once all of the categories have been completed.

Yahtzee Score Sheets can be used to keep track of the scores that are captured by each player during the round. The sheet easily helps to keep the scoring process of Yahtzee, even when there are a large number of players. These scoring sheets are excellent for helping to host a Yahtzee party.

Sample of Yahtzee Score Sheets

Yahtzee Score Cards Samples


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Yahtzee Score Sheets Example

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Triple Yahtzee Score Sheets

Triple Yahtzee Score Sheets Sample


When playing, use the sheet to keep track of the actions in the game by checking one of the 13 boxes as well as the upper and lower sections. Yahtzee Score Cards can be used for regular games, but when the player size and the type of game increases, it is best to use Yahtzee Score Sheets for bigger and multiple games.

Scoring sheets and cards aren’t hard to discover. We carry a large of Yahtzee Sheets and Cards that are ready to be downloaded that will help to make your Yahtzee game easier and more enjoyable.Download